Lot 17:
Jigsaw of Thursday with car
Rare Thursday Jigsaw
Date Time Bid Username
13th Jan 5pm GMT 35 Eb-bem
16th Jan 5pm GMT 40 DMK
13th Jan 5pm GMT 45 Eb-bem
16th Jan 5pm GMT 50 DMK
23rd Jan 3pm GMT 55 EvokedPotential
24th Jan 4pm GMT 60 Eb-bem
24th Jan 8pm GMT 70 randl
25th Jan 11pm GMT 75 Eb-bem
26th Jan 9am GMT 80 Chris
25th Jan 11pm GMT 85 Eb-bem
26th Jan 9am GMT 90 Chris
27th Jan 2pm GMT 95 Eb-bem
26th Jan 9am GMT 100 Chris
27th Jan 2pm GMT 110 Friday Last
26th Jan 9am GMT 120 Chris
27th Jan 2pm GMT 130 Eb-bem
27th Jan 11.20pm GMT 140 Steve
27th Jan 11.20pm GMT 150 Eb-Bem
27th Jan 11.20pm GMT 160 Steve
27th Jan 11.50pm GMT 170 Eb-Bem
One of the early promotional ideas I had. Five editions made. Numbers one to three have already been issued leaving this and one other. They will not be repeated in this guise. Notoriously difficult 80-piece puzzle of Thursday and her car with a couple of pieces missing. Portends to come from 'ConStuff'. Detailed under code 'JP01' in my 'giveaway' list. Supplied complete with 'Welcome to Swindon' bookmark issued by Hodder for the paperback launch of The Well of Lost Plots, collectors card from Booksmith bookshop in San Francisco and promotional temporary tattoo from the US 2001 launch of The Eyre Affair thrown in.