Nextreme 2008

Michael Dupuy

Michael at Extreme Writing

I found this competition and knew that I had to enter it. After all I had at my disposal the ability to defy certain death (or torturous novelization) while reading Thursday Next: First Among Sequels. Though you might not be able to tell just how dangerous my situation is just from looking at the picture I assure you it is. You see the date is November seventeenth here in DFW Texas and I'm at the splinter cell Night of Writing Dangerously. That's right I'm reading at the Night of Writing Dangerously. A NaNoWriMo function. I'm dangerously behind on my wordcount and the WriMos in Fairfield Connecticut have been closing in on us in our word war with them. And I'm reading your book. Add to that the fact that it's a splinter cell and the fact that the OLL could sweep in and take us out at any moment. All of that spells for a surely messy end. But to top it all off, I'm defying everything you told me to do in your week one pep talk for NaNoWriMo by stalling my writing and sending you the evidence.

Submitted: 18th Novemeber 02009

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