Nextreme 2008


Dear Mr. Fforde,

Being the Thursday Next addict that I am, I read (and re-read) the series every chance I get. I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where campus is always crowded, but I discovered the perfect reading hide away. It gets a little hot in the sun and the birds can be annoying, since they're regular robins, not dodos, but it's the perfect spot to read a few chapters in between class, at least when Campus Security isn't around... Apparently there are rules about students climbing on UW Landmarks or something silly like that.

Old Abe doesn't contribute a lot to book discussions (I think the pressure of being the icon of one of the oldest and biggest buildings on campus pressures him to stick to strictly academic material, hence his apparent indifference to anything fictional), but I'm 99% sure he secretly enjoys reading it almost as much as I do.


Anna Thorson-Hanson

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