Nextreme 2008

Snagsby the dodo at the Magic roundabout

I had been climbing all through the night. It was freezing near the top. I wished I'd brought a pair of gloves. How was I to know I should pack gloves when leaving for tropical Japan in the middle of summer? Flapping my arms around me in a futile attempt to get warm, I noticed several people sitting by the side of the track, sucking oxygen from a can and I started to question my sanity.

But then I reached the summit. And as if it'd been waiting for this moment, the sun started rising above the clouds. And with it came the warmth. And with it came the light. The view was breathtaking. I had conquered Fuji-san. I did what every sensible man - or womanperson - would do in this situation: I got out a good book and started reading.

Now how do I get down from this thing?

Thanks for all the laughs,

Willi Van Bogaert, a Belgian fan

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