Nextreme 2008

Snagsby the dodo at the Magic roundabout

Dear Mr. Fforde,

I'm a version 1.953 dodo from the famous vekiki production line, cloned in London, done some sightseeing in Swindon, listened to your talk there, considered joining SpecOps (better not), travelling around in the Socialist Republic of Wales right now (Hay-on-Wye!), and will finally settle down in Bremen, Germany.

I love to read your books, especially Something Rotten - because of the title. I don't like marshmellows (non of us 1.953ers does), only something rotten and chilli crisps. They wouldn't let me keep Something Rotten though, one of those crazy Bookcrossers wanted to have it. I'm a big roundabout fan of course.

Yours sincerely,

Snagsby Dodo

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