Adam maguire

Hi Jasper!

Ok, this might not seem too extreme, being as it is at my uni, only a half hour from my house, but all is not what it seems. This is the University of Birmingham clock tower, Old Joe, which for a start is bigger than Big Ben! Of the many rumours circulating around it, including the reason why it is no longer open being due to student suicides (which is apparantly true) one of the first legends of the clock tower you will hear on coming to Brum is that if you are underneath it when it chimes on the hour, you will fail your degree...

Now I know you're not the superstitious type (those pesky chapter thirteens just keep misplacing themselves!) but I would say that this is quite a risk to take at exactly four o'clock in the afternoon... even an extreme risk, being as my career is now on the line and we get our second year results this friday!! I've got everything crossed now!


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