Thursday Nextreme

Alice in Wonderland
Alice Scarlin in Disneyland - Hong Kong. I'm not a huge fan of the mouse because of their long and lamentable record of taking great classics in literature and mangling them beyond recognition. Still, if Alice is going to go all the way to Disneyland for an X-treme entry, who am I to deny her?"

"The first picture shows me in a fairly unusual place, somewhere not all that many people will go - Hong Kong Disneyland! It may not be extreme in a dangerous sense but its certainly unusual and very far away! I am currently living out here teaching English and discovered Thursday Next and Nursery Crimes through a friend, Angus. So I decided to take a photo of myself in the magical world of disneyland reading The Big Over Easy. I bumped into the Cheshire Cat who gave me some very confusing advice and also the Queen of Hearts who was looking very angry about something or other and refused to pose for a photo. Honestly!"

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