Thursday Nextreme

Dear Mr. Fforde,

First off, I must say, Extreme Richard III is a masterstroke. My theater group has been doing Extreme Midsummer Night's Dream for years and it is nice to know we aren't completely off our rockers...or that we are...hmmm

In any case, attached you will find my entry in the Thursday Next Extreme competition. I chose the most daring thing I could find that was still ( I believe) within your stated rules. The photo shows me, as Antigone in Sophocles' show of the same name, taking a break from yelling at Creon to get "Lost in a Good Book". At first glance, it may not seem that taking a book to a dress rehearsal is particularly dangerous. This is quite false. I am playing a character in a Greek Tragedy, commonly known as one of the most demented and ruthlessly bloodthirsty art forms there is. Most of the characters in the show are either dead or hideously emotionally scarred by the end of it. Both myself and your book were in mortal peril throughout the entire scene, you are lucky I wasn't carrying your original manuscript.

If you consider this stunt too terrifically dangerous, please let me know and I will take my copy of "the Well of Lost Plots" to my Curling Club with me this weekend so it can tag along while I teach people how to throw 42 lb granite rocks from Scotland at other people...who just happen to be standing in large, icy targets...

Thanks for your time and your lovely books,

from Commerce Twp. Michigan

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