Thursday Nextreme


S. Charlene Ramkissoon

KFC Xctasy
Le mot, "Xtreme", is synonymous with "danger":
Trekking to Iraq, Siberia and definitely Antartica,
But there are others who would rightfully argue
That fried-foods and sugar are dodgy too.

And so by my rather specious logic
I hope to convince Mr. Fforde and the public
Of the suitability of a photo, stuffing my face
As an entry for the Thursday Next Xtreme race.

At any rate the precedent has already been set
For contest entries, chez maison, by that dear pet,
The innovative groundbreaker Simon of Redditch
Who can resist rhyming this line with "bitch"!
Now that my work here is done, I bid you adieu
And to all who might vote for me, my thanks to you!

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