Thursday Nextreme

Emily Bauer

Dear Mr. Fforde,

Our French class took a trip to Qu»bec last weekend. It was very, very fun; we learned about the history of Qu»bec, practiced our French, went snowshoeing, and toured Old Qu»bec (which is gorgeous). This year also happens to be the 400th annivesary of Qu»bec, so there were lots of festivities. And, there were ginormous amounts of snow - which, compared to the measly few inches we have here at home in Connecticut, was amazing.

Attached is a photo of us at the Carnaval de Qu»becis, held every year at the Plains of Abraham Park. We were going to take a picture of us reading Thursday Next while dog sledding - which was, hands down, best part of the trip - but sadly, we didn't get the chance to get a picture there. Anyways, there were lots of beautiful snow and ice sculptures at the Carnaval. This one's dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the park.

Congratulations on the baby, and we avidly await your next book!


Emily Bauer & Jenn Ge (and Abby Larkin, who took the picture)

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