Thursday Nextreme

Holly reads Thursday Next in amongst the Albies
Yes, it's Holly Freifield and Beth Flint, who sent in this picture with them counting albatross nests. Of course, they aren't really albatrosses but dodos, in a secret nesting place known only to them and a few of us dodo afficoanados. For them, the very valuable and not at all tacky 'Thursday Nextreme' trophy. For all the losers - whoops, I mean 'other entrants' - there is always next year.

Holly Freifeld sent in this modest acceptance speech:

"...On behalf of my esteemed colleague Beth and myself, I am honored to accept this unique award. This is unquestionably the highlight of my so far desk-bound year, on a par with lying around in a field of albies. The trophy will go on tour in the U.S. Federal Building in Honolulu, so that our colleagues can be inspired to greatness or weep with envy, according to their characters. We will certainly take it to Midway for a libation..."

All contributions to the 2006 Thursday Nextreme to be sent to "Jasper (at) jasperfforde.com" with a picture (not above 250k, please!) and a short paragraph telling me all about it. Remember that any photos that show any sort of peril or personal danger will not be posted, so let's be careful and not at all stupid out there!

To see Holly and Beth's original entrant with their explanations as to why they were sitting in a field full of odd-looking seabirds, click HERE.

To go to the Thursday Next X-treme 2005 nominations page, click HERE.

To go to the Thursday Next X-treme 2006 nominations page, click HERE.