Thursday Nextreme

Dear Mr. Fforde,

I did not wish to but I was forced to set my reading aside, momentarily distracted by a young orphan dodo. This particular dodo is only two weeks old, it's mother had tragically died 6 days ago. It's father, Dudley, was grief stricken, still he is doing a fine job of raising his offspring. Nonetheless I often bring the young dodo into the house away form the bitter cold outside. This young fellow is extremely friendly and cuddles up with me as I read. I have found raising dodos to be rewarding as they are remarkably friendly and affectionate birds.

P.S. Pigeons and Dodos share a common ancestor, never is this so clear as in a two-week-old Modena Pigeon. Sadly he really is an orphan.

-Indigo Scott

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