Thursday Nextreme

Kelly Bruce holds a copy of TN1 in the driving rain
My thanks to the mildy drenched Kelly Bowles who sent in a plastic wrapped picture of a near-miss in the Hurricane department. (Note bending palm tree in the background!) She explains:

"...I'm including a photo of myself and The Eyre Affair weathering Hurricane Frances, as it began to hit the Tampa Bay Area. Our neighborhood fared well, with only a few trees down, and some power loss during the storm. I had begun to prepare for an Xtreme Thursday Next shot prior to this when we (the Tampa Bay area) were expecting Hurricane Charley. I'm quite happy I was never able to take that photo. But we've got Hurricane Ivan coming soon, so who knows there maybe another photo coming your way..."

Not too dangerous, I hope. NOTE TO POTENTIAL X-TREMERS: Anything that appears to convey genuine hazard will not be reproduced - so don't bother!

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