Thursday Nextreme

Kyle reads lost at davis base,  antartica
A late entry to 'Thursday Next X-treme' has been sent to me by Kyle Penner of Austin, Texas. He explains:

"...This lab is in a building on the University of Texas at Austin campus where I have my physics class. There are about 3 'radioactive' labs on each floor of the 4 floor building, so there's not much danger to me spontaneously combusting, mutating, or turning into the Hulk or any other superhero in the near future. I've even walked along the halls with a Geiger counter and found nothing of consequence. The door looks menacing, though. I knew this would be the perfect lab for the shot; all of the others have puny wooden doors. I don't know if anything could break through this one, but I doubt it. Now, I must figure out, is my copy of Lost in a Good Book radioactive for the next 10,000 years...hm...."

To which I can only add: Does a Radioactive cat have nine half-lives?

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