Thursday Nextreme

Laurent Pele


This postcard was taken at the last stop of my "Boring Holidays in England", after Bath and Portishead. I'll let you guess what I did in each of these cities.

At first I planned to read "Lost in a good book" in Reading, but discovered that I should start with the "Eyre Affair", so did I. To be honest, I think the picture would be better with your second volume. But I decided not to cheat, to be honest again.

This postcard was not taken for the TNX competition - I read about it afterward - but it may filfull all conditions : It is a borderline picture (as I let my camera on the floor behind the yellow line for a few seconds) I still don't know if anyone lives or goes to Reading - it seems that the whole town has turned into a mall.

And at last, as you would do, dear Jasper, I would not recommand anyone to take the risk of spending time in such extreme trip. Reading your book was the very best thing that happened during these holidays - which were really boring indeed.

Anyone for a drink on Rhum island ?


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