Thursday Nextreme


Bonjour Jasper,

As you can see, even my little nieces (age 3 and 5) get interested in your books.

The problem in France is to find your books in english, I have to look in all the bookshops and I even went specially to England or US just to find one. Not that cheap !! So, now, I have some american edition, some english and one or two in French. But what a reward! Thanks to you, I've already reread Dickens, discovered Bronte, seen all the Hamlet movies and laughed a lot with the nursery crime division.

This year, I have tried to take some funny pictures for the Thursday Next eXtreme while I was riding a unicycle or while I was "bathing" in the Dead See, but somehow, I managed to forget the book everytime ... so I took advantage of one perfect day at the beach ...

Keep looking for the Next book!!

A bientot


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