Thursday Nextreme


Dear Jasper,

Its me once again, with a new entry to "Thursday Next Extreme". I call my work "Extreme Language (feat. Swindon Mallets)". The picture shows me reading the French version of TN2. Lined up in front of me, you can see the English, German and Japanese editions of TN2. Some interesting facts about these books: I read the English version on my flight from Tokyo to Nuremberg (Germany), so it crossed half of the earth. The Japanese version spent aproximately 3 months in a parcel I sent from Japan to Germany via ship. And the French version, I bought in Luxemburg because my university town is located near the boarder between Germany and Luxemburg.

So far, my favourite chapter is "The trial of Fr”ulein N", but that's subject to change.


Verena Maser, Nuremberg

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