Thursday Nextreme

Megan reads Thursday Next outside Carnegie Hall
"Say, Buddy, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?"

Megan Latta of North Carolina clearly practices a lot, as this picture will show you. Megan takes up the story:

"...As a member of the Women's Glee Club at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, part of our spring break was the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall on March 7 of this year. As soon as I found out I was going I thought of Thursday Next Extreme! Unfortunately we werenąt allowed to take pictures on the stage itself--and they were rather strict about it. So I had to content myself with "The Eyre Affair" at our poster outside the main entrance, about an hour before the concert. Even our songs had a literary slant: arrangements of Robert Frost poems and Walt Whitman's "Song of Democracy"..."

Megan goes on to say that she has adopted the name "Thursday" as North Carolina, indeed the entire United States, is swarming with Megans. Good Welsh name. Swarm on, I say!

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