Thursday Nextreme

Mike Simonds surfs with a copy of TN1
This one also gets votes for giggle factor:

"..Last weekend I decided that 'normal' surfing was far too boring and so decided to spice it up another notch (Bam!) by performing some Nextreme Surfing. As you can see I took along a cherished copy of The Eyre Affair, safely ensconsed in home-made waterproofing, to Croyde Bay and picked just about the largest breakers possible for that added frisson. If anyone is wondering what it is I'm wearing; that's a wetsuit; it stops me turning blue. I was lucky with English summer weather (it wasn't raining) but surfing beneath a steel sky in shorts just off the coast of Devon is not reccommended. At least not by me.

PS After viewing, several non-surfers have expressed their scepticism as to whether or not I was actually surfing or just standing on a surfboard in inches of water; I can assure you that I was moving as I hope the Nextreme Sinking/Falling pictures with demonstrate...

Mike Simonds

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