Thursday Nextreme

MIke Simonds


You may remember (I give my permission) that last year I sent in a photo of some high octane Nextreme Surfing. This year, mainly due to a lack of 'gnarley' tubes to surf, I have had to take up a new sport and decided on parkour (free-running as it's known in England...or mucking about on council property as it's known amongst grown-ups).

Naturally I soon decided that 'normal' parkour was far too boring and so decided to spice it up another notch (Bam!) by performing some Nextreme Parkour. So I took a cherished copy of Lost in a Good Book along to some likely terrain and...mucked about for a bit. I enjoyed myself and I hope that the security personnel tasked with checking the weekend's CCTV footage did as well.

Until next time

Mike Simonds

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