Thursday Nextreme

Nextreme Wedding

Hello, Mr. Fforde!

This photo was taken on June 16, 2007 in Annie Merner Chapel on the MacMurray College campus in Jacksonville, Illinois, USA. That's me in the wedding dress and veil.

I knew early in my wedding planning I wanted to somehow incorporate my wedding into my Thursday Next Extreme competition, and this photo demonstrates the extremity of my Ffandom: I was supposed to be smiling sweetly at the camera, not finishing Something Rotten before the reception! Everyone was understanding, though; they all know how much I love reading, and especially how much I love reading Fforde Ffiction. And personally, I think the photo turned out nicely!

You'll be happy to know my choice of novel was not an indication of my marriage expectations, and I'm happily married to a man who supports my addiction to fine literature.

All the best,


P.S. In another act of literary passion, my gift to one of my maids of honor (a fellow alumna and English graduate) was a hefty collection of Austen's works. She nearly cried in happiness when I gave it to her.

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