Thursday Nextreme


Hi Jasper (or Mr Fforde? or Jaspy? or Mr. Superincredible Writer? No, huh? ok I'll stop...),

I'm Noemi, I'm 15 and I live in Italy, Milan.

I took this photo in Rome when a group of Gingerbreadmen tried to attack me!!! But fortunately they were used in a shop as decorations so they just did a great "spat!" on the glass! I managed to capture the moment in which they were running against me...look at the expressions, the dinamicism, the terror on my face, the....ok, got it...

Annnyway it's a moment that I think was quite risky, non extreme enough to win, sure, but risky! At least it'll be on the Jaspe Fforde site! Well, I've finished here!


Noemi&Sally (Noemi's mum, who is English and who took the photo...in great terror, of course.).

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