Thursday Nextreme

Daisy reads a book Minnie reads a book

That's Daisy on the left and she says:

"Last Thursday, I read The Eyre Affair in different cozy places in my apartment, though it didn't work out too well in the laundry basket. Next Thursday, I am going to read Lost in a Good Book in my kitty cart out on the patio. I would gladly read in a bizarre place if only someone would take me to an outdoor market, preferably one that sells fish.

Not to be outdone, Minnie (on the right) adds:

"Hi, I'm Minnie, a Singapura cat, and here's apicture of meenjoying The Eyre Affair. Since I'm sitting onthe top of a cherry-wood dining table in Long Island, NY,I figure it counts as a bizarre place on more than one level. I suspect my younger sister, Daisy - she's such a copycat - is also going to enteryour Thursday Nextreme competition, but don't believe the photo if it shows her finishing anything more demanding than a birthday card or tin of tuna."

Wow, sisters can be so, well, catty. My thanks to Daisy and Minnie, and Ann Parry, who took the photographs.

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