Thursday Nextreme

Peter Johnson

Hi Jasper,

Attached is a photo of me on guard duty at a safe house near the Black Mountains during one of our weekly "midnight business trips" to meet the Abercynafon Green gang.

I know the rules forbid pictures showing genuine danger but this picture was not set up for the competition - I got the other guard ('Gordy' Zoller) to take it so I could impress my kids. The guard duty is shared out on a rota and we get "very extreme danger" pay for doing it, plus the promise that our next of kin will be well taken care of.

The reason I am reading FAS while on duty is that I was hoping to pick up some tips to help us dodge the Stiltonistas, who are a constant thorn in our sides. The best defence we have at the moment is that case of Wedi Marw grenades that you can see on the shelf beside me. (Personally I don't think we should keep the grenades so close to the X-14) However we won't have to worry about the Stiltonistas for much longer. Our agents are close to identifying the location of the Stiltonistas HQ and we have a suicide squad ready to tunnel under it to plant our X-14 mine (got the idea from Somme World). We have 3 ounces of X-14 in that sample box and we've worked out that detonated 50 feet underground it should leave a crater 200 feet deep and a quarter of a mile in diameter (approx 5.6 on the Richter scale). That will show them who's the 'Big Cheese' in Hay on Wye!

Best regards

Pete 'Red Dragon' Johnson

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