Thursday Nextreme

Rebecca Brooks

Rebecca Brooks
Voodoo Fest
Saturday October 27, 2007
New Orleans, LA

Voodoo Fest (officially titled "Voodoo Music Experience") is an annual three day music festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. The concerts take place in the beautiful City Park wherein a place called "Storyland" exists. Passing by I noticed Humpty Dumpty apparently partaking too much in the festivities. But how could this truly be Humpty Dumpty? Had more genetic research been conducted? Perhaps this was a zombie egg? Whatever the case may be, this egg wobbled quite a bit on his wall. The next night I brought along my book and camera to give extreme reading a try. Indeed he was again unsteadily poached, er, I mean perched so I grabbed my chance. Unfortunately it was so intense that I could only get a few paragraphs in before Humpty's crude humor and attempts at pinching my posterior became too much. I laughed it off and decided that maybe next time I wouldn't go to such an eggstreme, er, extreme while reading.

(Please note that I hate litterbugs and made sure to clean up around the wall)

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