Thursday Nextreme

Richard Foster holds a copy of TN3 (Pacific version) in the well, pacific
I am indebted to Richard Foster who sent the following picture all the way from the Pacific ocean, off the coast of Northern Queensland, an area as yet unvisited by TN X-tremers. He says:

"....Attached is my entry for Thursday Next Extreme. There's nothing like reading about The Well whilst floating on the Pacific Ocean (rather smoother than the Text Sea...). These were taken whilst rounding Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland. The Cape is so named because this was where a certain Captain Cook, famous for traipsing around the Pacific in the 1700s, ran aground, got a severe dose of the sads, and started giving all the landmarks depressing names. Perhaps the chap in the crow's nest was lost in a good book, and didn't notice the jagged coral reef ahead... Incidentally, the rainforest here is home to the endangered cassowary, which can be a tad dodoesque at times...

High marks for location, artistic interpretation and a mini-travelogue to boot.

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