Thursday Nextreme

To Jasper Fforde:

To get back at Disney for, among other things, refusing to let you use Eeyore in The Well of Lost Plots, I took one your books to Disneyland and defiantly read it on such rides as Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones. I tried to get a picture with Eeyore reading the book as well, but unfortunately he wasn't in the park that day. The book came out of the giant splash with no harm, as have all humans (and people have done some truly stupid things for that camera). Sadly, carrying a paperback book around in a backpack all day long proved to be quite a bit more dangerous. Pictured, in ascending order, are: Me, Robynne BlumĪ, reading The Big Over Easy; my sister, S, Krystal McCauley; my sister in law, Rachel McCauley; my brother, Trevor McCauley; and some woman we had never met and don't know the name of.

Robynne Blumë

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