Thursday Nextreme

Robynne Blume

Dear Jasper,

After last year's success, I decided that I couldn't be content merely to rest with having read one of your books myself at Disneyland. I had to get more people to read at Disneyland, enough to fill an entire boat on Splash Mountain. It took some time and planning, but I did it, and with some enthusiastic participants. The books, in order of publication (and also pictured from bottom to top) are:

1. The Eyre Affair, being read by my friend Winter,
2. Lost in a Good Book, being read by me, Robynne,
3. The Well of Lost Plots, being read by my friend Sky,
4. Something Rotten, being read by Winter's friend Juliette (obscured by Winter's head, but it's there),
5. The Big Over Easy, being read by my friend Brianna, and
6. The Fourth Bear, being read by my brother Trevor, who returns from my previous Thursday Nextreme entry.

Winter has requested that I mention she was on the first page of the chapter titled "The Drop" just as we went over the, er, drop.

No books were irreparably damaged during the making of this photograph.

Sincerely, Robynne Blume

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