Thursday Nextreme

Simon Castle reads Thursday Next in a place not many people have been to: his bedroom
Not to be outdone, Simon Castle of Redditch sent in the picture above, showing that 'Thursday Next Extreme' can be done in the safety of your own home. Simon explains:

"..This is my entry for Thursday Next Extreme. This is a genuine picture...no Photoshop or anything ... of me reading "The Well of Lost Plots" in a place that not all that many people have ever been to.

My bedroom.

Yes, OK, Antartica's a little more extreme conditions wise. And overall Redditch isn't all that uninhabited. But on the smaller scale (namely, my bedroom) probably less people have been there than Antartica..."

I can't argue with that, although whether Simon's bedroom wins out over Antartica is up to the judges. To go back to the "Thursday Next Extreme nominations page, click HERE.