Thursday Nextreme

Simon Castle reads a book in X-treme circumstances
We look forward to Simon's 2007 entry!

A welcome return to Thursday Nextreme, Simon Castle is the only entrant (so far) to have already submitted an entrant in a previous year. Clearly this is not a man to be trifled with, and who takes his chosen sport very seriously. This is a somewhat bizarre entry, so I hand you over to Simon:

"..After my entry to Thursday Nextreme 2004/5, it was suggested to me that I should "get out more". On a continual quest to improve myself, I took this advice, although I still could not face the idea of leaving my wonderful collection of Thursday Next books, and especially the Polish copy I won on the Fforum, at home. Unfortunately I still cannot understand this version, but at least it gave me an excuse to ignore this strange bloke who tried to scribble over it and my copy of "The Fourth Bear"...

On a side-note, the picture features a part-Italian fan wearing a T-shirt about Greek mythology reading the Polish version of a Welsh author's book at a signing in England (Birmingham). Picture taken by a Chinese photographer. It's like an international conference..."

Simon Castle

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