Thursday Nextreme



After a great weekend, it's a shame to have to return to the real world and exam preparation. However, work and studying cannot intrude until I have made my submission to Thursday Nextreme for this season!

'For my 20th birthday I decided to celebrate by heading to the hub of my beloved Thursday Next books - Swindon! I spent a weekend taking in the sights, reading the books (pictured here is the Italian copy of 'Lost in A Good Book' I picked up in Rome last summer) and proudly wearing my personally designed TNX (Thursday Next X-treme!) t-shirt. It was a great weekend, but I just wish there would be some sort of chance which would allow me to actually meet some other fans of the books...'

Hope you enjoy the entry!

Simon Castle.

PS congatulations again to Tabitha for winning the Teenage Angst Poetry Competition!

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