Thursday Nextreme

Jeff reads a book in the wreck of his house
I am also indebted to Stephanie Frederic who completely contradicts her husband. Hmm. One must be a compulsive liar. Who do I believe? The guy with the wrecked house, or the dangerous-looking convict?

"..Dear Mr. Fforde,

I am just finishing a dermatology residency, part of which involved seeing prisoners with skin conditions at Angola Prison (it's Louisiana's State Penitentiary--the one with the prisoners too dangerous to be in local gaols). I am sitting in the yard outside the prison medical clinic. And yes, that is a gun-totin' guard in the tower behind me. I know it's difficult to appreciate from the picture, but I assure you that I am indeed inside the barbed wire fencing. I had just finished up an exciting morning of sitting alone in a clinic room with murderers, rapists, etc, when I decided I needed to relax with a good book on the prison grounds before I headed home.

P.S. I have all your Thursday Next books on audio CD, and I often listened to them on the long drive to and from the prison. This picture, by the way, was taken on my last visit to Angola (at least as a free woman, as my husband tells me). Just kidding--it's men-only there.


Stephanie Frederic
Baton Rouge, LA, USA

P.S. My husband is submiting his own Extreme Thursday Next picture..."

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