Thursday Nextreme

Jeri and Nephews in Las Vegas
Verena Maser who happened to be in Tokyo, sends the following picture - a first in X-treme to see a Japanese edition of my book; indeed, a first proof to me that there are any other than the two I was sent by my foreign rights agent. Verena tells us:

...This picture of me and (the japanese) Thursday was taken at the Tokyo "Millenario". That is an artistic installation of thousands of lights by the italian designer Valerio Festi. This year's the last time he did it, so millions and millions of people come to visit it - we queued up for about two hours! So this is a really extreme place to read about Thursday's adventures
(Thanks to Denisa for taking the photo).
By the way: I dicovered that the hardcover editions of the japanese TN-Books DO contain the illustrations - as part of the inner side of the cover. I'm really sorry, I just own the paperback edition...

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