Postcard: 'Yellow'
narrative proximity device
Hmm. Is there a hidden message somewhere here?
My public school servitude ran from ages five to nine, when I was required to wear a uniform, belong to a house (Pitt) and have to submit to the humiliation of having ones 'order marks' and 'goods' read out to the whole school.

There were Prefect stairs, too, and a Prefect carpet. It's not like that now, and I was thrown out to the vegetarian savagery of progressive education before my mind went as grey as my winter-worn shorts. In any event, that's where the whole 'Merit System' came from, and this postcard merely warns citizens against falling from the accepted mode of dress.

There's a message to anyone with good Yellow vision, too, but it's tricky to make out here..

Colour postcard, 1000 editions. Given out during Shades of Grey tour, UK and US during January 2010.

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