Postcard: 'Yateveo'
A picture of a Yateveo
A Yateveo claims another victim.
The Yateveo does exists, but only in legend. It was one of the many myths brought back by travellers from Central America. Fabrications, of course, but the notion of Carnivorous plants big enough to eat humans does have a certain frisson that large bitey animals don't.

There was a Carnivorous plant in an Avengers episode that I remember frightened the Bajeezus out of me when I was small, and I recently had the pleasure of sitting next to Brian Clemens at dinner and telling him so.

the Yateveo, and all the other animal/plant/building material hybrids that live in Eddie's world give it a nice biotechnological edge.

B/W postcard, 1000 editions. Given out during Shades of Grey tour, UK and US during January 2010.

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