Postcard: 'National Color' (USA)
National Color colorising
A National Color Operative paints the grass green.
A National Color Operative 'enhances' the local amenities with Univisual Green. This postcard was designed exclusively for the US spelling of Color, as 'Colour' to US eyes probably looks as wrong as 'Color' does to British eyes. And since there is a lot of Color/Colour swilling about, it seemed only fair. Sharp-eyed spellsters will also note the 'Z' in 'Colorizing'.

That really is an embroidered logo on the back of my boilersuit. The typescript is Berlin Sans, the adopted font of National Colour. Picture was taken on the Begwyns, above Hay.

Oddly enough, I was once party to an event where we DID paint the grass green. I was on a Qualcast lawnmower shoot in Portugal at the height of the cylinder V Hover lawn mower wars of 1985 (Admen will know what I'm talking about) and we had to get the perfect stripes in the lawn. Sadly, the Lawnmower we were using wasn't up to snuff, and bringing on the upmarket 'Suffolk Punch' didn't work either. Solution: Paint stripes on the lawn using sheets of ply as templates. Voila. Decent, honest, Legal, Truthful? Not really.

Colour postcard, 1000 editions. Given out during USA Shades of Grey tour, January 2010.

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