LGB 038
Poor Spelling
Poor Spelling
Warning - poor spelling ahead
This carries on the tradition of bizarre roadsigns which I rather enjoy. Like the "Bad Time" signpost that you can download as a Retinal Screen Saver. I gave out dodo and mammoth warning signs as prizes for competitions, and I figured that in Thursday's world there wasn't anything that you couldn't throw at the highways department without them being able to construct a warning sign about it. Oddly, this large form of spelling mistake does occur from time to time. In the UK we had a groundbreaking consumer watchdog show called 'That's Life!' in the 70's and 80's that used to feature spelling mistakes like this, most notably: 'SOTP', 'Brititish Rail' and 'Natoinal Coal Board'. The 'SLOW' sign was actually there - this is Weobley, in Herefordshire. I had to go there because in Wales we have 'ARAF' under the 'SLOW' (bilingual nation). In "Anagram" I didn't worry and moved the road paint in its entirety, but I was being cautious here.

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out with launch of Lost in a Good Book in the UK. 500 editions.
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