The Actual Eggwhisk
 The Actual Eggwhisk (postcard)
The Actual Eggwhisk, as seen in the NCD archives.
Well, the less said about this the better - it will make a lot more sense when you have read the book, so I shouldn't waste too much time trying to figure it out here.

I like the idea of ordinary objects having huge significance by their association with great events and/or people and I thought that the NCD archive would be full of fairly useless everyday objects that somehow have significance, at least to Jack and Mary.

The idea of this particular postcard was from another postcard I bought which had a picture of a very battered leather boot which was once in a provincial museum. It had a label, like this one, only it read: "The actual boot, worn by so-and-so when they were struck by lightning on the 3rd October 1864". I imagined generations of schoolchildren staring at this boot through the glass and wondering what it would be like to be struck by lightning, or even if so-and-so survived, which it never revealed.

This is the first postcard edition that went to 2000 editions; this year I will have a total of 8,500 copies of six different postcards to give away - 2000 up on last year.

Colour postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for The Big Over Easy July/August 2005. 2000 editions.
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