Aerial Polo at The Castle Spongg
 Aerial Polo at The Castle Spongg (postcard)
A game is about to start. Here you can see the pilots
'stacking up' prior to the first chukka.
This was an unused illustration by Maggy Roberts which was too good not to use. I liked the whole Castle Spongg halcyon days of aerial polo and indoor motor racing sort of thing so much I am currently writing a vague outline set in just this sort of world - a bit like Blandings Castle on acid, or something.

The registrations are aircraft that I have once owned.

Caption reads: "Old hands used to swear by war-surplus Sopwith Camels but the true aficionados played a more accurate chukka with the Gypsy Moth. Shell-shocked fighter-aces were the best when you got them sober; they could trounce the best side civvy street could muster without even breaking a sweat."

B/W postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for The Big Over Easy July/August 2005. 1000 editions.
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