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Postcard: 'The Little Fluffy Bunny Boo Boo'
Postcard: 'The Little Fluffy Bunny Boo Boo'
A baby bunny in a 70's sherry class
It is sad to relate that Madeleine Spratt's dilemma regarding photography is true: the buying public will always go for a cute picture of a baby animal over something of real merit. I've always referred to these sorts of photographs as 'kittens in beermugs', and as can be seen from this picture, Madeleine has obviously decided to go down the same route, although adding the title 'Avante-Garde Retro-Kitsch' to give her work some sort of credibility. I safely predict that this will be the favourite of these crop of postcards. Foozle, you will recall, was where Jack went to value the Stubbs cow in TBOE. Photo by Mari to Jasper's instructions. The rabbit's name was Archibald.

Colour postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for The Fourth Bear July/August 2006. 1000 editions.
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