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Postcard: 'Warning: BearZone'
Postcard: 'Warning: BearZone'
If you go down to the woods today..
A silly afterthought, this one. Regulars to this site may know of my curious predeliction for bizarre roadsigns, so this 'Warning 3 Bears ahead' sign may cause at least a minor guffaw. From an iconic point of view it would be hard to think that this relates to anything but the three bears, so I kind of like it for that, too. The signpost was one I've used many times before, and the forest picture was taken where the Offa's dyke path passes on a hillside opposite Welshpool, Mid Wales.

Colour postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for The Fourth Bear July/August 2006. 1000 editions.
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