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Postcard: 'Ginja Assasin'
Postcard: 'Ginja Assasin'
Realised by Bill and Dyla.
Bill Mudron and Dylan Meconis approached me after an event in Portland in 2005 with an illustration they'd done en spec for the Thursday series. It was as well I asked them to put their names on the back, as I had need for an illustrator to do the frontispiece for The Fourth Bear. I had them do a few other sketches as well, in particular this one, which is of our friend the Gingerbreadman in his guise as the 'Ginja Assasin'. It is available as a T-shirt and was so good I thought I'd make it into a postcard. The caption on the reverse reads:

Silent, deadly and smelling faintly of ginger, this
fearless killer remains one of the most dangerous
baked objects known to mankind.

Colour postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for The Fourth Bear July/August 2006. 1000 editions.
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