TEA 001
Goliath Chocolate Covered Spanners
A genuine chocolate covered Spanner
Well, this is just the sort of thing that Goliath would come up with - a committees idea of what is amusing - with not a single member of the committee having a sense of humour. The box has written on it: Another novelty gift idea from the Goliath Laugh Factory. The spanner actually is a 13mm chrome-vanadium spanner, 13mm because I used to work on VW beetles in my youth and most nuts are either a 13 or a 10. Chocolate was Galaxy and box was scratch-built. It was actually a present for my sister, but I stole it back to photograph. Note fifties style scrunched cloth background. Boxed spanner itself is TNU34 (1/1) Picture was an edition of 100, numbers 1-80 in colour and 81-100 in B&W. Given out with TN-1, July-August 2001.
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