TEA 007
Speedster 001
Rear view of Thursday's Porsche Speedster
I've already explained about the speedster so I won't go into it again here. Suffice to say that when the 'Easter Egg' idea took hold, it was about a week before the release of TN1. I had to hurriedly finish the reptiles you see here - then design a number plate. Since there is much influence in the Nextian world that is American - Chrevrolets, Studebakers, etc, I thought we would copy their style and have those odd sayings on the plates. Since the Nextian England is carved up into federal-like states, Wessex, Warwickshire, Cornwall, Yorkshire, etc, Each one could have a reference to a writer of that particular region. Thomas Hardy had to feature on the Wessex Plate. The others I made were: 'Warwickshire - Bard Country" and "Yorkshire - Home of the Brontes" SO-12 have their own motto: "Time waits for no man". Spike, incidentally, had 'Darkness into light" on his. They are all TNU allocated giveaways.

100 editions, Colour 6X4 photos, not all with white borders.
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