TEA 027
Thursday with Car
 thursday and her car
Thursday Next and her car in S0-1 publicity shot
This was the first Adobe Photoshop card, and also the first postcard, when I decided to carry on the giveaways beyond the initial runs. The paint on the car was still wet when this was taken, just above my house - observant and Wiltshire/Swindon savvy people will know that this does NOT look like anywhere near Swindon. The car, in fact, had only been painted where the camera would see it - most of the other side of the car, and behind 'Thursday' does not have the black lines. I saw this as a sort of PR thing dreamnt up by Cordelia Flakk, although Cordelia had yet to be invented and, incidentally, was originally named 'Virginia Kreeper' until I was told Rowlings had used that name in a Potter adventure (boo). Model was Mari, as it always is for any Thursday stuff, and she signed them all with Thursday's signature.

500 editions, all colour, all signed by TN.
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