TNU 056
FeMole Magazine (Thursday Next edition)
 Femole Magazine Cover
The 'Thursday Next Look' as seen in FeMole magazine

The Mole's women's magazine is called the FeMole and features all sorts of useful fashion tips for the Nextian woman-about-town. Although Mari and I often collaborate on postcards, this is the fourth one she has designed wholly on her own. (The other three were TEA005 Bookshelf, TEA006 Lost Dodo and LGB042 Aornis Friesan Cow). The 'Sex in big letters' I find particulalry amusing as she took as the basis for the whole thing an issue of Marie-Claire which did indeed have sex in big letters on the cover. If anyone is interested, the barcode is from Aeroplane Monthly.

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out with TN-2 (US) April 2003. 1000 editions..
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