TNU 062
The Village of Deja-Vu
deja vu
A view of the village of Deja-Vu
Nothing to do with the book, of course - yet. I liked this idea which hinges around a gag that appears in the second Jack Spratt novel, 'The Fourth Bear'. Jack goes to the Armitage Shanks literary awards which is held at the Deja-Vu Nightclub and bar. It seems, of course, familiar. This was taken at a village quite near us in the Socialist Republic of Wales - that's Hay Bluff in the far distance. Mari and Milly modelled.

Text on the back of the poscard reads: "Nestling between the sleepy hamlets of Hiding and Obscurity, the friendly charms of Deja-Vu always seem familiar."

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out with TN-3 (UK) July 2003. 1000 editions.
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