TNU 063
Mispelling Vyrus Mask Bulletin
Mispelling Vyrus Mask Bulletin
Mispelling Vyrus Mask Bulletin from JurisTech
Just one of many service bulletins that are promulgated in the BookWorld, this one purports to come from JurisTech, manufacturer of the MVMask. Just recently I have been trying to theme the cards to the book they are given away with, something that tends to elude me. The mask is a standard NATO respirator, bought from our local government surplus store who seem to do a roaring trade selling kit to squaddies that they have lost on the Sennybridge training ground. When I tried to bargain for it (A habit I picked up in the far east) they jokingly accused me of being a Ghurka, which is probably the first and last time that will happen. I couldn't find a 'Miriam-Webster' dictionary to include in the filterpack, so used a Collin's German instead, the German bit taken out with Photoshop. The lines reflected in the eyeholes are the rafters on my living room roof, and if you look very carefully you can see me, in jeans and red shirt, taking the picture.

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out with TN-3 (UK) July 2003. 1000 editions.
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