TNU 064
Dodo Workshop Manual
 Dodo workshop manual
A dodo workshop manual
This is a dodo workshop manual (available to certified splicence holders only) and features a concise step-by-step description of almost any job you care to do on your reengineered dodo, versions 1.2 to 3.8.1. Surrounding the manual are some of the home gene splicer's tools-of-trade. Note feeler guages, wooden spoon, PTFE tape, 13mm ring spanner and egg whisk. In the top left hand corner there is an original Mycrotech home cloning kit tin. Raphus Cuculatis is the latin name for a Mauritian Dodo; Resurgam 'I rise again' is the accepted suffix for all regenerated species.

Colour postcard, unumbered, given out with TN-3 (UK) July 2003. 1000 editions.
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