TNU 067
The Village of Anagram
The Village of Anagram
The road leading into the village of Anagram
This came about as a result of the 'Poor Speling' postcard featured in LGB 038. I just liked the idea and Maggy Roberts suggested an anagram of 'Slow' which seems entirely logical - so I merged the 'Village name' idea with the road paint. There are a lot more like this I can do. Thinks: 'The village of Palindrome, twinned with Emordnilap' etc, etc. By-the-by, this village is actually Cwmbach, a small town near me in the Socialist Republic of Wales, although the 'Slow' lettering was lifted from Trefecca, about six miles away. Mr Adobe's noted software, of course.

Text on the back of the poscard reads: "The annual word transposition festival is held every year in the little village of Anagram, West Dorset. Winner of the competition is crowned 'Raking Magna' for the coming year."

Colour postcard, unumbered, predominantly given out on first Canadian Tour, October 2003. 1000 editions.
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